Smashing Humans
Peace out New York. Its been real.
Next week I’m going up to Woodstock. Can’t wait to be surrounded by mountains, natural beauty and hippies!
Back stateside for the holidays. Holla at cha girllllll New York!
New York, its been real… However, London is calling me back…

Things I miss from back home (in NY)

  • Kraft macaroni and cheese
  • bagels
  • pizza (especially being able to buy a single slice)
  • polly-o cheese sticks
  • anything from Bay Deli
  • stores being opened past 6pm
  • subways that run all night
  • a proper sized bed
It seems like New Yorks gonna have her shit rocked once again this week…. madness!
Going off to become one with nature… A much needed escape from the chaotic New York lifestyle.